Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Flight Of Margarita II (Mixed 2D & 3D Anaglyphization)

The still image above is Blue-Red Anaglyph designed to be viewed with 3D glasses--red left, right blue.

Click on the image to view at full size.

This is a mixed 2D and 3D anaglyph, that is: the first step is a 3D render from two slightly different camera angles, which two images became input into Anaglyph Maker, a program that constructs anaglyphs automatically from two 3D images.

The 3D anaglyph was then separated into its RGB components and layered with additional levels of depth in Corel Photo-Paint, resulting in a mixed 2D-3D anaglyph.

3D anaglyphization produces a continuous range of depth and projection while 2D anaglyphization, in this mode at least, produces discrete layers in selected areas.

The two additional layers are readily obvious on the figure, with the breasts projecting out and the lower abdomen in.

This is a painstaking, labor intensive process involving much masking but the result is often quite lively.

The small animation below is made from the larger image above in Sqirlz Lite. Despite the reduced scale and the change of the original .AVI file into an animated .GIF, both modes of depth are still subtly noticeable, though not as much as in the much larger original still.

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extrmely interesting subject you're touching here!!
still, wearing glasses is a problem (for me) -