Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lucianesque (2)

Adam: You talked to a tree?

Eve: Well, not quite the tree itself. A snake in the tree.

Adam: A snake? What's a snake?

Eve: Well, a little like what you have there [points and giggles] and I don't.

Adam: What did the snake say?

Eve: The snake said this place is a garden.

Adam: Really?

Eve: Really.

Adam: What's a garden?

Eve: What's a garden? Well, the snake said....

Adam: The snake said what?

Eve: Well, the snake said a garden is a little like a bush.

Adam: Really?

Eve: Really.

Adam: A bush? What's a bush?

Eve: Well, it's a little like [points to herself and giggles] what I have here.

Adam: That's a bush?

Eve: Well, Adam, like a bush.

Adam: Really?

Eve: Really.

Adam: Oh.

[copyright EAC January 2008]

Monday, January 14, 2008

Incognito (Animated Anaglyph)

"Of the same sort was what Count Ludovico said to a man who wished to travel incognito through a certain dangerous place and did not know how to disguise himself; and the Count, being asked about it, replied: 'Dress like a doctor or some other man of learning.'"

[Baldesar Castiglione tr. S. Singleton]

An animated anaglyph, designed to be viewed with 3D glasses--Blue right, Red left.