Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Flight Of Margarita (Animated Anaglyph & Stills)

NB: The animation above is both a red-blue anaglyph designed to be seen with 3D glasses (red left, blue right) and is also viewable comfortably as a 2D image without glasses. I call these two-way images, in which anaglyphization is not incompatible with normal, unglassed viewing, by various names, including "biglyphs" or "ambiglyphs".

The image above is the smaller resampled anaglyph from which the animation was constructed (in Squirlz Lite).

The image above in turn is the original 3D render at full size and anaglyphized with a 2D method in Corel-Photo-Paint. Click on the last image to view at full size.

[copyright EAC]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Such an astounding entry !! wonderful 3D movie and stills !!
great figure and imagination here--end all be all in web 3D congrats sir Eugene !!