Friday, September 4, 2009

Yōtaku: The Long Polishing

Ego is an aspect of reality the way a wave is an aspect of ocean.

In becoming conscious a circle is drawn.

One convention is that the circle is drawn around, marking out a border between ego and other. Within the circle is “I”, outside is everything and everyone else, including what may presumed to be other “I’s”.

Why is “I” considered within the circle and the world without?

One answer is that this is the way of the West and follows upon the initial separation of the cosmos between creature and creator.

Another answer is: “Why not?”

[copyright EAC]


wattee said...

why is that so f... good?
because it is the truth.

eLi said...

an ocean or two
of egos unknown to me
forever or not

very extremely magnaminous(?isit?)ly stated

one possible resonance of multiple orgasmiCre8

eLi said...

ii ccaann sseeee again
the gif/iimmaaggeessss

really nice piece mopsius man!
I hope you'll share this on yt too!!?

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Very Nice work, Both the art and writing ! the GIF perfectly sums up the feeling of the text !