Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Delphinus X3 (2 & 3D Animated Anaglyphs)

The still above is a Red-Blue 3D anaglyph made to be viewed with 3D glasses--red left, blue right.

3D anaglyphs are made by using images from the camera in 3D programs at two slightly different angles. The two images are then combined as red-blue composites, either manually or, in this case, in a program called Anaglyph Maker, which makes the anaglyph automatically when two images, left and right, are the input.

Click on the still image to view at full size.

Below is a comparison of animated anaglyphs made by 3D and 2D methods respectively:

(1) the animated anaglyph above was made from the still image at the top and animated in Sqirlz Lite.

(2) the image below, also animated in Sqirlz Lite, was made from a 3D render but then anaglyphized manually with the 2D method in Corel Photo-Paint, preserving the original color.

[copyright EAC 09]


wattee said...

precious information, thanks Eugene. i'll have a closer look at it -

Thorndike Pickledish said...

Excellent-info- I knew about Anaglyph Maker but didn't know about your new info with corel etc.
nice art AND great knowledge imparted!