Friday, October 2, 2009

The Flight Of Margarita III (Animated Anaglyphic Texturing)

The animation above is a red-blue anaglyph designed to be viewed with 3D glasses--red blue left, blue right.

In this case, two animations in the "Margarita" series--one made by the 3D method (the cube) and one made by the 2D method (the ground) were imported into a 3D program and used as textures on objects, giving the result above.

That animation was then reanimated in Squirlz Lite (the second half) and made part of the completed Animated .GIF.

Despite the small size (the mechanics of the site limit viewing Animated .GIF to 400 pixels wide) and .GIFizing an original .AVI file, the red-blue anaglyphic depth remains, and by texturing in effect turns a non-anaglyphic render in the 3D program into an anaglyph.

The image can also be viewed without 3D glasses comfortably enough and thus qualifies as an ambiglyph. Note that the non-glassed image also has depth, which is the result of the phenomenon of naked eye red-blue stereoscopy.

Unlike non-interlaced animated .GIF and raw .AVI files, Video and Flash do not have discrete frames. As a result, there are special problems in making animated anaglyphic videos. In the case above, for example, videoizing at this small scale (not shown) degrades the anaglyphic animation considerably (a problem to be discussed elsewhere).

Logically the process of using 2D textures in 3D programs (the ground animation above) is exactly complementary to using 3D images in 2D appointments.

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Maestro !!!! a fine and valuable lesson !! I'd never heard the term ambiglyph before and your art work is stellar--

if you believe in commercial 3D --I recommend "Coraline" in 3D --it is the only one of he recent dvds that works with GREAT effects and success--many other 3D titles out there, dont work at all, OR are not worth futzing with the glasses--where I rendvids--the glasses are reversed oddly purple and green/blue tints!