Thursday, June 26, 2008

Haiku Fu

Haiku Fu

Watch every finger.

We all look like food to whom?

Rude swallows pecking.

[copyright EAC]

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ceci N'est Pas Une Mona Lisa (Anaglyph)

Ceci N'est Pas Une Mona Lisa

Ego is always the enemy.

The way out is art.

The world is else than the sum of parts.

(copyright EAC)*

*An anaglyph, to be viewed with 3D glasses, red left, blue right.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shodoka Topologica

"the proposition

‘All forms point to the formless’

is itself a formal proposition..."

R. D. Laing

Friday, June 6, 2008

Clytemnestra At Aulis (Sirian Transmission)

Clytemnestra At Aulis (Sirian Transmission)

Reverse light year print
taken by the Sirian ship
Ning off Cygnus 7 Luna:

Astral Date of Record: 22002aw4

Comment: Garbled Transmission/ 2nd Millennium Ameranglish TR.

Queen means what, Agamemnon?

Am I mere convenient vanilla,

the nearest sheath

between sheets?

Are we as species


allowing no dialogue?


Everyone found Paris enchanting

at that time of year (it was Spring).

Why all the fuss?

Your brother was always a bore.

Menelaos this, Menelaos that.


The foam giveth and the foam taketh away.

I will not have that gentle white throat

made in my spitting image slashed by hardened Father Figure.

I cannot attend.

I have a splitting headache.

Don't forget your lunch box.


(we will settle all this

when you get home).

[copyright EAC]

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


(Animation EAC 02)

Aphorismatica (2)

Buying And Selling

Alles ist kaufen und gekaufen!--everything is buying and selling.

So some would have it.

Thus also the imperative of the price on their heads.


Cats are strange critters. They come in litters. No one ever sees them leave.


All language is subject to construction”—so goes the old saw of the law schools.

The trouble is the saw itself is language, thus subject to being construed.

Why not then as, say: “Some language is subject to construction”.

“Some”, as any lawyer will tell you if it pays him to do so, is not “all”.

But who is silly enough to pay attention to lawyers, most especially in regard to words and the constructions they find it convenient, and usually very lucrative, to make upon them?


A Britisher asks: “Why are department heads called ‘Chairpersons’ in America?

The answer is simple and elegant: “person” is derived from the Latin persona from personare, that is: “to resound, reecho”.

The “chair” prefix tells you where the sound comes through.

Curtain Fall

The function of the stage curtain is to block sight, thus mark change or discontinuity in what happens on stage.

The fact that in contemporary theater the curtain falls is incidental. Among the ancient Romans, for example, stage curtains rose from below.

Insofar as the medium is the message, and dramatic metaphors find currency in daily life, might therefore the Romans have been comfortable with a day’s end in which, say, “darkness rises”?

In fact one has spent many decades looking about the natural world for a darkness that seems to fall. Instead, what one sees at the end of the day is the light going down, and in the mountains, among other places, the shadows and darkness climbing.

[copyright EAC]

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Frog Went A Courtin' And He Did Ride...

"Animals who move or are in a world that moves around them—as long as there are things moving somehow relative to you—will be selected to have perceptions that are true. We have about a tenth of a second delay between the time light hits the retina and the time of resultant perception, which is considerable given that you move 10 centimeters in that amount of time even if you're only walking one meter per second. That means that if you didn't compensate for this neural delay, anything you perceive to be within 10 centimeters of passing...would have just passed you by the time you perceive it. You'd always be seeing the world as it was a tenth of a second earlier and seeing what the world looks like 10 centimeters behind where you in fact are--if you hadn't run into whatever it is you're looking for...."

Mark Changizi