Thursday, January 22, 2009

Terra Isometrica (Pars III)

It is quite foolish to suppose that Heraclitus, after the quite H. Jamesian precisions of the Odyssey, and before the Shakespearian humour of Plato's character drawing, merely said "Everything flows", or that any one abstract statement wd. have made his reputation.

It wd. be sheer prejudice not to suppose he and a good half-dozen of the sages tried, that is to say tried to correlate their thought, to carry a principle through concrete and apparently disjunct phenomena and observe the leaves and/or fruits of causation....

[Ezra Pound]
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Thorndike Pickledish said...

I clicked on the art you've so skillfully created and and I love it ! well, the nude statue ladies are wonderful indeed !--it goes so well with the quotation!! however i wonder if you might, for those living in Canada..please interpret that flow of words from Ezra kilos??