Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shadow Dance: An Essay On Minimalism

"The oddest product of terraphysics--and who knows, perhaps the one that promises the most to knowledge--is reckoned to be the so-called Polyversum hypothesis. According to it the Cosmos is dual and we, together with the matter comprising the suns, stars, planets, and our bodies, inhabit its "slow" half, the Bradyversum. It is "slow" because movement is possible here at speeds ranging from the static up to locally the highest, that of light. The other or "fast" half of the Cosmos, the Tachyversum, is reached via the light barrier. To get to the Tachyversum, it is necessary to exceed the speed of light: in our world this is an omnipresent frontier separating each spot from another region of existence...."

[Stanislaw Lem]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Beautifully done animation dance trying to get to the section faster than the speed of light..I first warmed up my 24 year old MBenz diesel...and found an open stretch of road (the hardest part of the process) I started out slow--getting up to 80 MPH --then to 384 MPH....but alas before I could reach light speed...Seattle was looming in view...and i had to slow it down...just then my tranny caught fire...and I had to be towed back to B.C.---Heinz, my mechanic --said normally, diesels wont go light speed when they have been converted (as mine has) to run on McDonald's fry oil...the aroma causes obese people out for a try to hold on to the bumpers..thus causing drag...holding us back...he suggested a longer runway than I-5--and get back to diesel fuel pure..and maybe get the 'turbo' checked --see you on the fast side !!