Monday, January 26, 2009

Ménage à Tub

"That really does put a cap on it. One would think that since you are a man and get about a good deal, you ought to know the value of things, yet you sell a tub for five silver ducats, which I, a mere woman who hardly ever puts her nose outside the front door, seeing what a nuisance it was to have it in the house, have just sold it to an honest fellow here for seven. He's inside the tub now, as a matter of fact, seeing whether it is sound."

When he heard this, her husband was delighted, and turning to the man who had come to collect the tub, he said:

"Run along now, there's a good fellow. You heard what my wife said. She's sold it for seven, and all you would offer me for it was five."

[Giovanni Boccaccio, tr. G. H. McWilliams]

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