Monday, October 5, 2009

The Island Of The Day After

....Roberto now cast the dice himself. "But those are old wives' tales! Like the story of the pregnant woman who saw her lover with his head cut off and then gave birth to a baby whose head was detached from its body. Or like the peasant wife who, to punish a dog who has soiled the kitchen, takes a hot coal and thrusts it into the feces, hoping the animal will feel the fire in his behind! Sir, no person of sense believes in these historiettes!"

Umberto Eco
N.B. The animation used Sqirlz Water Reflections (among other programs). This is another seemingly simple Sqirlz animation program with deceptive versatility, available for free download at the Sqirlz site below:

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ROBERT O. said...

Fine work with your magnificent art !!--
thanks for the text we read today-here
always-mind refreshing twist n turns.

thanks for turning me on to the sqirlz soft--I used it in one toon at my bench bozo blog and the result of the morph experiment surprised me !! handy animator indeed.