Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"What can be more similar in every respect and in every part more alike to my hand and to my ear than their images in a mirror? And yet I cannot put such a hand as is seen in the glass in the place of its original; for if this is a right hand, that in the glass is a left one, and the image or reflection of the right ear is a left one, which can never take the place of the other. There are in this case no internal differences which our understanding could determine by thinking alone..."

Immanuel Kant [tr. Carus-Beck]


Thorndike Pickledish said...

What a masterpiece of choreogrphy-morphs and effects--a marvelous event for the eyes and mind--and thanks for the soundtrack too--I'd never heard of the Mongolian Keychain..I think there are a few alligators singing inthat group !

wattee said...

outstanding! excellent!
i bookmark that one -

(some elements could be even more repetitive, others less, imho-)