Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Twisted Sister (Ode To La Physique Rottweiler)

Twisted Sister (Ode To La Physique Rottweiler)

"L'esprit de système est dans la physique ce que la métaphysique est dans la géométrie...."


Where were you lost

Before you were born?

How did you find yourself?

In what woods, following

what breadcrumbs?

What frog woke you up

with a kiss?

In what mirror did charming toad

share your secret vices?

When did you wake up

and say it is only I who suffer?

It is only I who am at a loss?

It is only I who can remember

Every which way to Erehwon?

[copyright EAC]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Great poem--the best one ever that has 'Nowhere' spelled backwards at it's end--made me think, yes I'm not only a member of the 'whiners' club--I'm the president --good work...also the art is marvelous as serious mind sees art--my comic mind --sees melted cheese on toast with blue berries...mmmm