Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sara Teasdale At Fontainebleau

Sara Teasdale At Fontainebleau

she arrives in Etruscan autumn
bearing the gift of ghosts
sighing across centuries of sea.

she sees endless Fall
in halls bare of the dead boar
of Saint Louis.

she tastes victory
under the sign poetess
birthing breathing souls
on the blood red floor
of October foliage.

[copyright EAC]

NB: The animation is a new type of 3D animated .GIF image, which I call the Gasperini Wiggle, after the inventor, Jim Gasperini:

The reference of the text is to Sara Teasdale's "Fontainebleau"

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

That is a great and worthy ode--and the fantastic electric 3D art is wondrous ! the technique reminds me of my creation of doing the SAME character or object with different lighting angles..then animated at a fast rate,which didn't look like it came OFF the made the character look as if in depth (roundness etc)--I'm going to investigate Gaspariniville...all aboard !

thanks for this
great art !