Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Aphorismatica (I)

In The Beginning

Is the letter “C” the first and beginning element of the word “CAT”
because that is the way the word is written, or because that is the way the word is read?

One reads C1A2T3--unless perhaps one is dyslexic--but it could just as easily have been written, as far as most readers know, C3A1T2.

Convention governs reading, technique governs writing.

Applied Science

The aversion of the ancient Greeks to applying mathematics or science to practical ends had little or nothing to do with aristocratic contempt for rolling up one's sleeves, getting one's hands dirty and doing work. Thales made money with his meteorological and astronomical knowledge, in the process inventing the futures contract.

He did it to show how easily it might be done, and too, how worthless it was.

Contemporary Prophet

Contemporary prophets specialize in predicting the past.

Their accuracy? About five right out of ten.

Lacan Before Lacan

Lacan looks in the mirror.

And sees someone else.

Universal Health

It is a singular observation that when the ancient Greek physicians first began their work of untangling the ways of nature, they found the cosmos in good working order.

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