Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cheese Toys R Us

Cheese Toys R Us

She: “Why are you running away?”

He: “Why are you chasing me?”

She: “Because I want to ask you a question.”

He: “You just did.”

She: “Did what?”

He: “You just did ask a question.”

She: “I did?”

He: “You did.”

She:”No, I didn’t. I just answered your question.”

He: “Yes, but before that you asked me why I was running away.”

She: “Well, why were you running away?”

He: “Why were you chasing me?”

She: “I already said—I wanted to ask you a question.”

He: “What’s the question you wanted to ask?”

She: “Do you think my toes are ugly?”

He: “Your toes?”

She: “Yes, my toes. But why are you running away again?”

[copyright, E.A.C Aphorismata]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Love the playful qualities of the title, conversation and the rich colorful plastic fantastic art --your blog spot contributions are one in a million..whole new 'mind rug' you unroll with each cool offering !