Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Strong Law Of Large Numbers

"The Way has never known boundaries; speech has no constancy. But because of the recognition of a 'this', there came to be boundaries. Let me tell you what the boundaries are. There is left, there is right, there are theories, there are debates, there are divisions, there are discriminations, there are emulations, and there are contentions. These are called the Eight Virtues. Beyond the Six Realms, the sage exists but does not theorize. Within the Six Realms, he theorizes, but does not debate. In the case of the Spring And Autumn, the record of the former kings of past ages, the sage debates but does not discriminate. So I say, those who divide fail to divide, those who discriminate, fail to discriminate. What does this mean, you ask? The sage embraces things. Ordinary men discriminate among them and parade their discriminations before others. So I say, those who discriminate fail to see."

[Chuang Tzu tr. B. Watson]


Thorndike Pickledish said...

This artwork is very pleasing and one of a kind ! mind melting stuff !
thanks for the wisdom in the quotes column too !

Sara said...

Good words.