Saturday, November 10, 2007

The House Of Bubblegum

Also available at youtube at slightly larger size:

To watch at smaller scale at youtube, second button in on the right.


Thorndike Pickledish said...

Love the Robert Johnston music and the great creative dat youse chewin in da bubble?? --cool usin self portraits ! masterful work getting it to do whatcha command it to do...your output here is astounding !

Hopalong EAC said...

Robert Leroy Johnson (the "T" in the credit migrated from the curtailed "R. Mut" in one of the animations below) may have been the greatest and most powerful blues musician who ever lived.

The story goes when Keith Richards first heard one of his records he asked--"But who is the other guy playing with him?".

There wasn't--he was playing and singing alone and was in a class by himself.

Richards also is supposed to have said:"You know, you think you're getting a handle on the blues, and then you hear Robert Johnson...".

Which sums it all up.