Saturday, November 10, 2007


"Don't look back, something might be gaining on you".

[Satchel Paige]


Thorndike Pickledish said...

Great style in this GIF --and if this is a self portrait again--it's very well also looks alot like early photos of Paul Krassner...what ever the case..stylish work and great quote!

Hopalong EAC said...

Paul Krassner--one of the really great American spirits, a comic genius and a serious and enduring mind, still too widely unknown--the ultimate rebel.

I first ran into The Realist in Cambridge and in one of its first issues: a miniscule booklet-sized bomb on newsprint or comic book stock, and I remember not only the first essay of his that I saw but his first cartoon.

The original of the self-portrait behind the animated .GIF here is a larger than life-sized painting on computer paper with brush and tempera, later photographed and .GIFized.

Hopalong EAC said...

Yep, and yippie--Krassner is still truckin':

What is the proper grammatical sequence: Give Krassner the Keith Richards Award, Richards the Paul Krassner Award, or both?

Two parties are always better than one.