Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dreams Of War Among Orangutans

                             “En ces temps difficiles, il convient d'accorder notre mépris
                             avec parcimonie, tant nombreux sont les nécessiteux.”


Let scientists tell in precisest terms where
reside dreams of war among Orangutans
and what kind of war it is:

Is it war to control bananas,
food of the wise, by the likes
of Great Ape United Fruit?

Is it war to monopolize the best routes
for brachiating through branches
of jungle and over the shortest airlanes
between trees to trapeze across?

Is it religious war or war to colonize and exploit?

Is it nuclear war, chemical war, economic war?

Is it a war of terror? Is it racist or genocidal?

Is it war for profit or war for the sake of war?

Is it no war at all but a still sullen nightmare
of a long-armed guerilla blowing strawberries
at under and over men logging, mining, and burning
the small green planet of just another less than human,
more than human forest kind?

E. A. Costa

E. A. Costa   October 11, 2016  Granada, Nicaragua

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