Tuesday, September 18, 2007


"If one who is thinking could perceive this horizon--the
intellectual range--in the same way he perceives the limits
of his body, nothing like the antinomies of Intelligence could arise.
And what in fact are these antinomies of Intelligence? They are
the inability to distinguish transcendence in fact and transcendence in illusion.

The cause of these antinomies is language, for language, being a
useful tool, is also a self-locking instrument--and at the same time
a perfidious one, since it tells nothing about when it becomes a pitfall

[Stanislaw Lem, tr. Heine]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Man !! You are so prolific--this has become your gallery ! who needs "renderosity-commune-traveler- and Zone"?? these artistic gifs and witty-pithy ramblings and fantastic ! -I cant keep up with your intellect --but all your stuff feels right and like Mose Allison said in his song "swingin machine" they're much more felt than seen ! wow--and thanks for proving that you can get animated gifs to go...they only play one frame for me on my site...maybe I'll use the movie attribute as you (may) have ! anyway --never fear i am here looking and readin every day ! you dazzle em dude !!