Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The State Of The Barnum

                   L’information, c’est la poésie du pouvoir
                                                                Guy Debord

Tonight we turn the page.

Combat over. Thank you
for your service to the one percent.

Be we freer than any nation
to write “future”.

Ben and Rebekah home to dinner every night.

New tools to stop bailouts (until the future).

Middle class work.

EARN my veto.

Everyone gets a FAIR shot.

Let's get back to World War I + II

'Wages not the job of government.
Waging war the job...'

I want I want I want....
Not everybody gets.

Let's write, “Bright future”
100 times on the blackboard
 which is green.

Thank you God.

E. A. Costa  21 January 2015  Granada, Nicaragua

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