Friday, January 16, 2015

El Capitan (Scaled)

….the testimony of the other climber
                in the Jurassic Records....

Called well who climbs as a duet
with nineteen fingers up a spell
of particulars like razors in concrete.

It is a chess game and a logic tree
branching luxuriously in the brain
done as endless tasks and mindless pain.

It is a game of go, of place and area,
where the other side doesn't care
except to stand granite-still and stare.

But this is day. At night under ancient moons
the frozen face becomes a high white sea strewn
with glowing shadows hewn two-faced out of stone.

Of those monuments it is decreed: he will never speak,
and only find again as times gone by on another peak.

E. A. Costa  15 January, 2015  Granada, Nicaragua

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