Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anchor Management (The Musicale)

"It is not true, though it it sometimes suggested, that epic theatre (which is not simply undramatic theatre, as is also sometimes suggested) proclaims the slogan: 'Reason this side, Emotion (feeling) that.' It by no means renounces emotion, least of all the sense of justice, the urge to freedom, and righteous anger; it is so far from renouncing these that it does not even assume their presence, but tries to arouse or reinforce them. The 'attitude of criticism' which it tries to waken in its audience cannot be passionate enough for it."

[Bertolt Brecht tr. J. Willett]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Powerful and Growl-er-ful..and alarming...but very new and jolting to the approving eye of creativity..smivity...anchor management is something practiced by NBC-CBS and A-Bee-Sea...

very fine work of ambition..kudos Mr Burmato !