Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thorndike Pickledish Discovers Negative Parallax (Animated Anaglyph)

"The sword? Where's the sword? I have tried everything, and the sword just disappears. I know I put it in there somewhere! This is most curious! I need more juice! More juice, Igor! Igor, more juice"

[Doctor Thorndike Pickledish]

Not to worry, Pickledish is on the case, and they don't call him Doctor Pickledish for nothing.

Consult his recent researches into analyphization and video at his blogspot here: "Aha!":

and "Adventures in 3D!", here:

But Dr.Pickledish is a generalist of wide note and repute, so be sure to visit his blogspot regularly not just for Stereo 3D anaglyphs, but for the whole gamut of his art and commentary on world affairs, news, popular culture, and advanced UFOlogy.
N.B. This is an animated anaglyph designed to be viewed with Red/Blue 3D Glasses, Red Left, Blue Right. Want to learn more, including where to get the glasses and how to make anaglyphs, visit Thorndike Pickledish's blogspot today, or tomorrow, or next week, but visit.

1 comment:

Thorndike Pickledish said...

HEY !!!! That is a terrific likeness and a superior Anaglyph --I am so very honored and amused !!! thank you!
Your style is so precise and perfect when mine is very 'Close enough for Jazz' --thanks for the suggestions on anaglyphing in general and the plug to the occasional wig bubbles at "all hail T.P" are just random sillifications...and I suspect your learned fans would find them short on literary references...I expect ..."Hey Thorndike ...why don't I have to look anything up now??" but I appreciate the find words and great art you've baked in my honor !!