Thursday, February 26, 2009

Musical Cubes

FABIO: For God's sake, Maurizio, what the hell do I care about Descartes?

MAURIZIO: Let me finish! You will care, you'll see. He told me that Descartes, in examining our sense of reality, had one of the most terrifying thoughts any human being has ever had: that if our dreams had any regularity, we would no longer be able to distinguish between sleeping and waking! Have you ever noticed how disturbing it is to to have the same dream more than once? You begin to think you are dealing with something tangible, something real. Because our whole knowledge of the world hangs on this very slender thread: the re-gu-la-ri-ty of our experiences...

[Luigi Pirandello, tr. W. Murray]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

I love the Naked ladies--but before we put the Dehorse before Descartes..I can't believe you hit upon a subject I think of all the time..I visit landscapes and have situations in dreams over and over..and many of these places have never been seen by my Naked gives me the Twililght Zone or Outer Limits feel of dreams being real--and everyday life just the portal of boredom till we can get to that particular dream again !