Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lucianesque (2)

Adam: You talked to a tree?

Eve: Well, not quite the tree itself. A snake in the tree.

Adam: A snake? What's a snake?

Eve: Well, a little like what you have there [points and giggles] and I don't.

Adam: What did the snake say?

Eve: The snake said this place is a garden.

Adam: Really?

Eve: Really.

Adam: What's a garden?

Eve: What's a garden? Well, the snake said....

Adam: The snake said what?

Eve: Well, the snake said a garden is a little like a bush.

Adam: Really?

Eve: Really.

Adam: A bush? What's a bush?

Eve: Well, it's a little like [points to herself and giggles] what I have here.

Adam: That's a bush?

Eve: Well, Adam, like a bush.

Adam: Really?

Eve: Really.

Adam: Oh.

[copyright EAC January 2008]

1 comment:

Thorndike Pickledish said...

The snakes on first, the bush is on second, 'I don't know who' is on third...Nice art work and style ..and very clever dialogue!

Is it your stated opinion one of THOSE is running the USA??

cool work Senor' Hoppy !