Monday, January 14, 2008

Incognito (Animated Anaglyph)

"Of the same sort was what Count Ludovico said to a man who wished to travel incognito through a certain dangerous place and did not know how to disguise himself; and the Count, being asked about it, replied: 'Dress like a doctor or some other man of learning.'"

[Baldesar Castiglione tr. S. Singleton]

An animated anaglyph, designed to be viewed with 3D glasses--Blue right, Red left.


Thorndike Pickledish said...

You did a great job on the anaglyph--nice layers--and pop outs--
marvelous to see you 3D-ing for us today...Tell the count, that "Vampira" passed away--oh how I loved her in 'Plan 9'...sad.

Hopalong EAC said...

Count Ludovico was a card.

The thrust of his advice, to a particularly dense and rude fellow, was--"They'll never recognize you!"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the fellow simply struggled with the comprehension of such worldly advice. owing to his dense mind, As such, his apparent rudeness was nothing more than frustration, brought about by his own ignorance. Count Ludovico was a card indeed. He sounds fundamentally as dense/ignorant as the fellow he offered the advice. As for the thrust of the counts advice."They'll never recognize you!" i have a urge to suggests, time will/is/has prove/proved the Count absolutely correct of course. Perhaps, such a dense rude fellow never being sad as that prospect may or may not be, to all concerned, Then just maybe its for the best, like wise perhaps the Count wasn't half as ignorant as he most certainlly appeared.