Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lay From The Cleopatra Planet

                                Érase un espolón de una galera,
                                érase una piramide de Egito... .
                                                  Francisco de Quevedo

                            Le nez de Cléopâtre, s'il eût été plus court,

                                  toute la face de la terre aurait changé.

                                                    Blaise Pascal

A woman without a nose
is a missing person
disappeared without a trace

is a firetruck without a hose

is a bust without a face

is hair without a trigger

(the bigger the better)

like a starter's pistol
setting off a hundred yard dash

up or down doesn't matter

let it match
or let it clash

let it fly
or let it crash

let it angle heavenward
let it wink in orbit
let it soar on flapping wings
surveying the netherlands below
let it be waterproof
let it be absorbent

let it dangle
let it honk
let it sneeze
let it be an Amazon of olfaction

let it be numb
let it be smooth
let it be sensitive and hairy
let it be in traction

let it be a pendulum swinging with every nod

let it be even

let it be odd

let it have a headache
let it be the wrong time of the week or month or year

let it be a real pain in the ass
let it be a dear

forget Trista
sister of Mr. Shandy

let it be a dandy

let it be Cleopatra's
rowing with Antony or Caesar

let be a booted daughter of Sinatra's

call it
beauty or beauty spot
just let it be a lot.

E. A. Costa

E. A. Costa   September 13,  2016       Granada, Nicaragua

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