Monday, August 8, 2016

Who Says Mrs. Krupp Is Fat?

                                           “Wir machen alles!”

                                             Gustav von Bohlen und Halbach

Who says Mrs. Krupp is fat?

Actually she is road-mobile
but only had one big bang near Paree--
August 6, 1918.

She fell in a moat.

She did not float.

Who says Mrs. Krupp is fat?

Inhale deeply—you can still smell her perfume
in the air.

After all she had eight children, none of them French.

Here we stand fast with Guillaume Apollinaire: 

nous fumons du tabac de ZoNE,

to wit: there is no poetry without nicotine.

Who says Mrs. Krupp is fat?

Very fat, enormously fat, world-class fat,
Yugoslavia fat, Afghanistan fat, Iraq fat, Libya fat,
Syria fat,

World War Any Time Zone fat,

General Motors fat, Chrysler fat,
Hughes fat, MacDonald Douglas fat,
Boeing fat, Lockheed Martin fat,
Dupont fat, Dow fat, Monsanto fat,
Goodrich fat, Honeywell fat, General Electric fat--

etc. etc. etc.--FAT, FAT, FAT--World Wide fat.

So fat and well-heeled you can almost taste
the rocket candy.

Or, to cut to the quick of it,

who says Mrs. Krupp ist dicke? 

E. A. Costa  

E. A. Costa    August 9, 2016     Granada, Nicaragua

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