Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zen Swing (in three voices)

In the vast night the sky hangs lower than the treetops...

                                (William Carlos Williams after Meng Hao-jan)

Distance is steps. 
Interval is time between. 
Space is where unfolding.

Touch stone or water or sky. 
That is active voice. 
Stand skin against the wind. 
That is passive. 
Put index finger to nose tip. 
That is middle. 

Three voices speak in different tongues. 
At times all agree. 
At times they don't. 
At times one or another or all are quiet. 

There are different ways to cover
longer distance in equal intervals: 
Speed up pace. 
Lengthen stride. 
Speed up pace and lengthen stride. 
The last defines simultaneity.

Look at the reflection in the mirror. 
The reflection is not you.
Left and right seem reversed. 
If you move, the reflection moves. 
If the reflection moves, have you
or is it the mirror?

Walking is a procession of  falls. 
A foot lifts off the surface,
another lowers down upon it. 
Walking is the rise and fall
of left and right.

A one legged man
who hops progresses. 
He coils and spings.
He pounces and bounces.
He does not walk.

Crutch or cane serves as leg,
so unveils the triangle,
so unveils the fall,
so unveils the swing.

Effort is expenditure.
Effort is stretching.
Effort is reaching.
Effortless walking
is swing.

Gait is Scots for gate.
Walking is opening
and closing a gate. 

Body is joints.
Body is pivot.
Body in movement
is three voices.

Body is swing.

E. A. Costa  23 January 2014

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pretty cool eugene!