Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doing Things Right

                                       ...un excelente disgusto, creo

                                       (Carlos Martínez Rivas)

To cut costs
wars should be fought
in cemeteries.

To cut costs
as a prelude soldiers and civilians
should dig their own graves.

To cut costs
the whole world should be
privatized (every inch) as a burial ground.

Here is the shovel.
Get digging and to cut costs
throw yourselves in.

(E. A. Costa  25 September 2013) 

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Fateh Sidhu said...

I just wanted to thank you for guidance( you probably don't remember). This was when you used to post on Your recommendations regarding WW2 were impeccable. I haven't been to a formal college but learning from you like this more than makes up for it. Thank you once again. p.s. I used to post as "Bittu" or Guest, maybe used Indian too but not too sure.