Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Modigliani's Kick: The Animated .GIF Manifesto (2006)

"It unrecorded in the memoirs of Erik Satie typewritten in neat hand on the piano after hours at the CHAT NOIR that a MANIFESTO by one artist man or woman is less manifesto than ANTIPASTO. We may imply FELIX THE CAT or we may not. It is time to make HOUR SALAMIS to all that can go right and wrong in the BUSH that is an ANIMATED .GIF. Because these works of art are ANIMATE they cry out against the cruelty of VIVISECTION.

What does medical science, if it is a science at all, gain by their inhumane experiments of REVERSE ENGINEERING on cartoons? The artists of the United Liberation Rear put both hands in their back pockets and say, boldly and without periphrasis: WE HAVE FOUND OURSELVES! We raise a banner this day in this hotel calling on the masses to MARCH IN THE STREETS protesting the abuses of the INDUSTRIAL CINEMATIC STATE (ICS).

The MASSES have their CHAINS, which they love and polish in the warmth of their hovels, without the hearth of a computer or a good graphics program, and paying high fuel OIL bills for their PROPANE SPACE heaters because of this vicious foreign war in TIBET. We call for a new art of MASKING AND COMBINING 2D & 3D conscientious OBJECTORS! How much PORNOGRAPHY transpires behind the doors of this HOTEL? These people may not be WORKING for you!

They are contributing to the FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE and they might even be enjoying themselves while transmitting all sorts of PSYCHOSEXUAL ILLNESS. KNOCK DOWN THESE DOORS WITH WARRANTS AND GET IT OUT IN THE STREET WHERE IT BELONGS! This is but the fifth broadside in a long war against ICS ERRORISM, according to which every wrong adds up to the RIGHT. As Felix the Cat said: "Rise up, you only have EIGHT lives to lose...."

Hopalong aka Hopalong EAC aka EAC aka mopsius aka E. A.Costa, "The Animated .GIF Manifesto", first published, December 2006.

[copyright EAC]
N.B.: The Animated .GIF Manifesto was first published by Hopalong on a Computer Graphics Art Site in 2006, in conjunction with a different image. Hopalong was subsequently banned from the site not for images and animations posted but apparently for too vociferously opposing the war in Iraq in comments and publicizing both the deceit with which that war was begun and the obscene human toll the US is inflicting on the people of Iraq. The site will remain nameless and the Manifesto is still posted in its original form there, without Hopalong (aka EAC) being able to remove it. It would be an interesting volume not yet written to note how many Computer Graphics Galleries and Art sites are either outright owned by extreme Right Wing Capitalist Imperialist Warmongers, staffed by such, or so intimidated by universal US jingo that they are reluctant even to allow comments or art work that makes the case against US war and imperialism.

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Anonymous said...

Can you possibly comment the link or the actual wriiten manifesto. Trying to start an animated GIF revolution before they completely become extinct from our digital realm. Any help you can give would be great. Thank you, Amber