Thursday, July 2, 2009

Play It Again, Anton...

Major Strasser was hot on Harry's heels.

There was only one way out of Berlin before Paris fell. Harry hired a fishing boat. They sailed at night.

As they navigated the Channel in pouring rain and fog the two stood on deck arm in arm gazing at England.

Lightning flashed.

All they could see was cats and dogs.

They swayed slowly in the dampness. They were safe. Strasser would never catch them now.

Then the shortwave crackled.

"Livestock QUARANTINE", yelled the captain to Harry.

"We must detour through Lisbon then", said Tex, "But to get into Libson we need...."

"Imaginary zither music!", said Harry.

Below decks they polished off the last of the black market penicillin....

[copyright eac]
Smaller version of an animation first published in 2006 on another site as part of series of animated GIFs.

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Third man ? I like the imaginary zither and penicillin lines--playful bit --nice illustrations...another gem!