Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Two-Minute Toy Story: Anna Karenina Meets War And Peace

"And there, among the mountains, she appeared to his imagination as a Circassian slave, a fine figure with a long plait of hair and deep submissive eyes. He pictured a lonely hut in the mountains, and on the threshold she stands awaiting him when, tired and covered with dust, blood, and fame, he returns to her. He is conscious of her kisses, her shoulders, her sweet voice, and her submissiveness. She is enchanting, but uneducated, wild, and rough. In the long winter evenings he begins her education. She is clever and gifted and quickly acquires all the knowledge essential. Why not? She can quite easily learn foreign languages, read the French masterpieces and understand them: Notre Dame de Paris, for instance, is sure to please her. She can also speak French...."

Leo Tolstoy [tr. L. & A. Maude]

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Thorndike Pickledish said...

Beautifully realized --very surreal..but yet Spike Jones-ess' in it's interpretation...wonderful ideas--experiments -art and direction...fine work Maestro !!

Thank you for your online wall of creativity and delight !