Friday, June 6, 2008

Clytemnestra At Aulis (Sirian Transmission)

Clytemnestra At Aulis (Sirian Transmission)

Reverse light year print
taken by the Sirian ship
Ning off Cygnus 7 Luna:

Astral Date of Record: 22002aw4

Comment: Garbled Transmission/ 2nd Millennium Ameranglish TR.

Queen means what, Agamemnon?

Am I mere convenient vanilla,

the nearest sheath

between sheets?

Are we as species


allowing no dialogue?


Everyone found Paris enchanting

at that time of year (it was Spring).

Why all the fuss?

Your brother was always a bore.

Menelaos this, Menelaos that.


The foam giveth and the foam taketh away.

I will not have that gentle white throat

made in my spitting image slashed by hardened Father Figure.

I cannot attend.

I have a splitting headache.

Don't forget your lunch box.


(we will settle all this

when you get home).

[copyright EAC]


Thorndike Pickledish said...

love the art and writing --don't follow it completely...dont need rings truish and resonates and fine pattern to my brain an Armando Peraza drum pattern--pop--pop !

Anonymous said...

oh fucking dear me, the penny has finally dropped, no matter what, i gotta go home. lol dam. my world has just become a lot more panopticaly interesting.